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Singapore leading pool maintenance, repair and cleaning service

Leading pool maintenance, repair and cleaning service in Singapore

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Leading Swimming pool maintenance company in Singapre
Why choose us as your pool maintenance, repair and cleaning company?
Why Choose Us As Your Pool Maintenance Service?

A swimming pool is a basic luxury as well as a responsibility that many people wish to have. It is a basic luxury because you can enjoy it in many ways. It is also a responsibility because it needs proper servicing, cleaning and maintenance. A minor negligence in servicing or maintenance the pool keeps you at risk of losing it. Cleaning, getting rid of debris and maintain the balance of water is not enough. Filter, pool pump and other equipment require servicing after sometime. Even though there are several kits in the market for cleaning and maintenance of important parts of the swimming pool, you need to engage the services of an experienced firm. Hiring a pool company that will conduct swimming pool maintenance service is one factor you should put into consideration.

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What does pool maintenance service involve?

Initially, a dirty swimming pool is not pleasant to look at and also poses a lot of risks. In case it is not regularly cleaned and maintained, it can be a territory for dangerous elements such as bacteria, and it can also turn into a breading place for several harmful pests.

Since all swimming pools require regular monitoring and maintenance, it is important to involve pool maintenance service. Here are things that pool maintenance service entail.

1. Chlorine – this is one thing that needs to be monitored regularly. Algae and fungi will thrive in the water without chlorine.

2. pH level – pH level should also be monitored. However, chemical test kits are a struggle to purchase and use. If you hire experts to monitor and maintain your pool, you will not worry a thing.

3. Vacuuming – this is a recurring task. It should be done on a weekly basis, but if people rarely use the pool, it can be done on a monthly basis. Vacuuming will free your pool from bacteria that can make users sick.

4. Filters – they are also in endless need of maintenance because they trap all dirt and debris that enter the pool. By hiring professionals, they can easily clean and replace the filter without disrupting the usage of the facility.

5. Covering the pool – a cover will help to keep out leaves, dirt and insects from entering the pool. They are very bothersome and can even cause health issues for the swimmers. In some cases, trees which are near the pool can result in the entry of flowers and fruits.

Pools maintenance is something that needs maximum attention. Instead of waiting for bad things to happen, you should consult professionals right away.

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Benefits of pool maintenance service

Apart from that, baskets and full filters can damage the pumps and other swimming pool equipment and this can cost you a lot of money to replace. You also remember the risk of destroying pool walls, floors and steps, and this will only serve to add on to your expenses for pool repair.

A swimming pool is bound to be contaminated either by people using it or by external factors. Regular checkups are very important if you want to keep your swimming pool in excellent conditions. The operation will ensure its cleanliness and best working conditions. The task is better performed by trained people who are aware of all the dangers posed and succeeding prevention.

The experts will ensure they remove debris that would have accumulated after some time. Such would pose risks when not removed by making the pool slippery. Some factors may even cause harm to our respiratory system when breathed in. Hence, they should be removed. In addition, the water should be treated with chemicals that kill disease causing germs. So, the work of professionals is to mix the chemicals in their correct proportions considering they have been trained for such task. However, it is important, for the pool owner to check out the chemicals used since some may be harmful to pool users.

In case the pool is a community facility, frequent servicing is recommended. This is because there are many people using the pool. As part of the operation, companies can offer recommendations on the type of materials to be used to make the pool better and more sufficient. This also helps in keeping a durable swimming pool that is easy to maintain. Maintaining hygiene and cleanliness is also of extreme importance.

Professional companies that offer swimming pool maintenance service function to inspect the pool, clean the water as well as service the mechanical parts. However, the company that you choose matters a lot. You should take necessary steps to avoid fake companies. It is therefore important to carry out a research before hiring any company.

Choosing a professional company can benefit you in many ways. Since they regularly maintain the cleanliness of your swimming pool, they will be able to eliminate various dangers. Normally, their work includes brushing of the walls, floors and steps. They will also skim the pool surface for large sized debris and also vacuuming the entire swimming pool, empty out each basket and filter to ensure the equipment is well maintained so that the water is always clean.

As a good pool cleaner, they will also maintain and check the levels of water which is very important. Even though this normally drops due to evaporation in the vent, there could be a small leak at some place in the pool. By noticing any leak immediately can help you to save a lot of money and time.

Remember, pool chemicals should be properly balanced in the water. A trustworthy and effective swimming pool cleaning company will help you in balancing the acidity and the alkalinity and will also remove the minerals that are present in the swimming pool. Professionals will also help you in removing any bacteria and algae which can be very dangerous. They will also check the levels of chemicals during every visit and also apply them as required to ensure that your water is well balanced.

Routine maintenance is very beneficial to make sure your swimming pool equipment are all fully functional and not imperfect. Early detection is important to prevent bigger expenses. Apart from this, pool cleaners will make a good job offering quality and efficient service that will save you time and money as well.
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