All You Need To Know About Tips For Maintaining A Clean Pool

Having a swimming pool is a great idea as it gives us various benefits like a pool party, attraction addition to your home, place to relax and enjoy with kids and so on. But it all comes at a cost. You will have to maintain it regularly with all types of equipment and supplies. It will need your time as well and good swimming pool maintenance on a regular basis will help to avoid problems and will give you clean and healthy pool every day.

Pool Maintenance Tips

Today there are also many unqualified pools cleaning services in Singapore who may have purchased a license and started pool cleaning service Singapore but don't have any experience. We should make sure that the company we hire should have good years of experience in this service.

We should also check that the provider also has the experience in working with acids and chemicals. Acid like chlorine is necessary to make sure pool is in the good and clean state. So, one should have a good experience in dealing with it. Swimming pools maintenance service Singapore helps in performing routine cleaning which includes brushing walls, floor and steps, vacuuming the pool, emptying the baskets and filters, maintaining water level, Pool Tile Cleaning, balancing chemicals, etc.
But cleaning up every day is not possible, many times we feel lazy or get busy on our daily schedule. Thus hiring a pool cleaning service is a great idea. Swimming pool maintenance Singapore is not a tough job as there are so many qualified and reliable service providers.

Maintaining a swimming pool is easier than you had thought it to be. You can keep your pool clean and beautiful by following a few preventive maintenance tips that should encourage you to re-launch your project.

1. Have an eye for the water level

To sustain the correct balance of chemicals and also to allow the Swimming Pool Pumps and Filters to function properly, an optimum level of water has to be maintained. The extent of lowering of the water level will depend on how much the pool is used. But excessive heating during the day can also affect the water level. If it happens, you may have to use covers and Rollers to prevent it.

2. Maintain proper chemical balance

Maintain a proper chemical balance of the pool water so that it stays clear and sparkling, makes swimming enjoyable and pool equipment are also kept clean. Use a pH testing kit to ascertain the pH level and use pH increaser or pH decreaser to correct the level. Proper chlorine and sanitizer treatment at regular intervals will also have to be done as advised by the Swimming Pool chlorinators Singapore.

Pool Maintenance Tips

3. Keep it free from debris

The primary requirement of a healthy pool - keep it clean and free from debris, mainly leaves that fall on it. Regular removal of debris with a pool net is easy and effective. To remove the debris from the bottom, you can use a brush with a long handle, and the task can be accomplished while standing on the poolside.

4. Maintain a clean edge

There are possibilities of bacteria and algae as well as other problematic substances to float on the water as a result of floatation and evaporation. The bacteria tend to cling along the water line at the edge, and soon it can become its breeding ground. To prevent build up of bacteria at these places, regular scrubbing of the pool edge is necessary.

5. Give a shock to the water

Salt Chlorinator suppliers Singapore would advise pool owners to give a fortnightly shock treatment to the water with Chlorine. In this process, the contaminants that make the water dull and cloudy are eliminated by oxidation that brings back the glass clarity to the pool water. Organic contaminants and germs are removed during this process. Bear in mind that the shock treatment is not instead of the regular sanitization process but has to be carried on along with it.

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i. Why does a pool become dirty?

External and internal factors are responsible for making the pools water dirty and unhygienic. Dirt, dust, and dry leafs get accumulated in the water and decompose. As a result, water gets contaminated and stinky. Visible and invisible impurities make it unsuitable for swimming. Experts warn about health hazards caused due to bacteria, fungi, and other contaminations. Though people think that in-house cleaning of the swimming pools is sufficient, it is always advisable to call an expert agency for Swimming Pool Maintenance. Since they have sufficient infrastructure and facilities, the results are awesome.
ii. How does a swimming pool maintenance company keep it fresh 'n' clean?

Pool Maintenance Tips

Well, they carry out the task in a methodical manner. To get the ball rolling, they check the health status of the pool's water. Results of the report determine the subsequent plan of action. A few key they always look for:

*Checking of the filters is the first task.

Clogged filters affect the efficiency of the pool, and there are higher risks of contamination. The quality of the pool water is directly proportional to the cleanliness of the filter.

*They check the chemical balance of the water

Experts say that a good care of the pools is possible when the chemical composition of the water is known. Harsh chemicals disturb the natural balance of the pool's water, and long exposure could be hazardous. The test report decides the use of chemicals for cleaning purpose.

*They install or replace the pools cover:

Always keeping the pool covered when not in use is the best idea. When you assign the yearly contract for pool cleaning to Swimming Pool Maintenance Company, they add the cost of the pool cover also. Installation or replacement is carried out during the routine maintenance. The cover protects the pool from contamination and excess evaporation. It increases the life of the pool.
Lastly, the best way to keep algae at bay is to maintain the chemical balance of your pool water properly. Be sure you have a good pool water testing kit so that you can monitor your water regularly. If you do that, algae won't be able to get started, and you should be able to avoid the problem of fighting it. If you found this warning too late, then consult a pool specialist and have your problem solved.
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