Benefits Of Having A Swimming Pool In Your Home

Owning a swimming pool is probably a dream of most people who live in Singapore. Swimming is a very enjoyable activity that brings fun and plays a major role in a person's fitness. Having access to swimming pool gives you very many advantages when it comes to spending your free time well. No matter a person's fitness level, the benefits of swimming or having a swimming pool in your own home are many. A swimming pool does not have to be expensive as there are different designs and sizes that can accommodate most people's budget. Swimming as an activity has no age limit. Every person of all ages can swim.  When considering constructing a swimming pool on your premises, it is always important to understand the types of swimming pools which can be constructed. The difference is mainly how the basin is constructed.

Swimming Pool In Your Home

There are very many different pool styles which come with their own advantages and disadvantages.

 Above-ground pools

These are the easiest to build and can be constructed by most professionals in the market. The ground is first levelled to form a flat surface then the pool is constructed above the ground.

Fiber glass pools

These are made of plastic reinforced with fiber glass. They are normally in a basin shape. A hole has to be dug and all the necessary plumbing is done before the basin is lowered into the hole. The necessary reinforcement is done to hold the basin in the hole.

Concrete pools

They are very popular. A hole is dug then steel reinforcement takes place together with plumbing is done in the pool. Mostly plaster is done on the pool for the finishing after holding the steel together.

Vinyl liner pools

These are very popular and cost effective. The lining is normally tailor-made to conform to the size and style of the pool. The pools can be concrete, plastic, and steel.

As mentioned, swimming as an activity has very many health benefits. The movement of muscles during swimming can improve the general health of a person as it is a very intense physical activity.

Swimming Pool In Your Home

Some of the benefits you get from getting into that pool include:

Burning the calories

Swimming is known to burn between 200-350 calories after a period of 30 minutes which depend on the intensity. The advantages of burning calories through swimming is the ability of a person to enjoy it compared to burning calories through other activities. Controlling weight is very important to the overall health of an individual. Dealing with lifestyle diseases will require a person to take into consideration the number of calories he or she is able to burn and how many he takes during the day.

Lowers risk of diseases

Swimming is a very good form of cardiovascular exercise as it helps in reducing the risk of a person getting the cardiovascular diseases, and type 2 diabetes. Inactivity can increase the risk of getting the cardiovascular diseases tremendously.

Lowering stress

Regardless of the stress you have, swimming can be a very good activity to help in the alleviation of stress. Stress is a very common part of human life and getting an activity that can help in reducing stress is very beneficial to the overall health of the body.

Increasing the energy level

When a person is inactive, the body energy level goes down. Swimming at least twice a week is able to improve the body energy level by having the metabolic rate increased.

Good for children with asthma

A study found that unlike other cardiovascular activities, swimming is not known to provoke asthma attacks. The children can gain a lot by swimming through an increase in lung volumes.

Improved cholesterol

For a person to be healthy, it is always important to have the correct ratio of cholesterol in the body. Through swimming, the right balance of the cholesterol can be achieved in the body. This will reduce the risk of heart disease.

Swimming Pool In Your Home

Apart from the above-mentioned health benefits, swimming also has other benefits. Some of the benefits include:

Improving body coordination and posture

Frequent swimming improves the body coordination in a great deal. The body balance and coordination improves the nerve system of a person.

Improves flexibility

Swimming is an activity that involves the flexibility of the body. The flexibility of the body is paramount for ease of body movement.

Cooling after a hot day

Swimming is very necessary when you have been involved in activity outdoor and your body needs cooling. Cooling of the body is necessary especially in a country like Singapore as there are very many hot days during the year.


Swimming is a fun activity which offers a very nice avenue for socialization. Swimming can be a very enjoyable activity for friends and family to spend time together. It offers a wonderful team building activity as it is fun and enjoyable.

Construction of a swimming pool does not only benefit when being looked at from a swimmer point of view. constructing a swimming pool in you home will also add the value of your home. Most homes with swimming pools in Singapore attract more demand from potential home buyers that the houses without swimming pool in the same region. The swimming pool also gives a home an attractive look and it is the first thing most people will see when they visit your home. It is one of the home renovations that can't go unnoticed by people coming to visit. All homes with swimming pools also attract high rental incomes compared to houses without swimming pool. It, therefore, mean that the construction of swimming pool will not only help in improving the overall life of the owner but also the financial side of the house. Debate on whether constructing a swimming pool is beneficial to the owner is important. When you understand the value of having your own swimming pool, the cost of constructing one will be paid back by the future benefits. For a person who is able to afford it and wants to live a healthy life at the same time improving the value of the home, constructing a swimming pool is a very good option.
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