How To Build Your Own Swimming Pool?

Having your own swimming pool is an exciting experience. Everyone wants to own it. Hence swimming pool construction is an important process when you want to have it in your garden area.

Build Your Own Swimming Pool

The construction process has several steps but important steps are as follows:

1. Hire a Swimming Pool Builder
2. Select a Pool Shape
3. Choose Pool Technology
4. Select Aesthetic Enhancements
5. Select your decking.

Choosing a pool shape & design is the most important factor after hiring a builder since it requires your time. You have to choose the design with very care. There are several types of pool designs are available but all these are not suitable for you. You have to choose according to the space available. The size also depends upon the size of family. The budget also should be in mind while choosing the design. Fiber glass swimming pool is the best option if you have a small budget. This type of pool is durable, versatile as well as available in budget. It is also easy to install it in each & every season. The maintenance processes associated with it also have easy steps. You can also select Vinyl liner pools. These are the easiest to install and require less overall skill than concrete pool construction. Vinyl liner pools are the cheapest option and available in various shapes and sizes. You can find different colors and patterns to dress up your pool.

Now the next step is to choose the shape of the swimming pool. If you have rectangle space available you can choose rectangle design. You also may get kidney shaped or bent pool. This is the best option if you have less space but want a modular design.
The selection of swimming pool mainly depends upon need and budget. You have to do homework before finalizing. You should keep complementary feature in mind. With help of right architecture help, it may be easy to finalizing the whole process. But you have to hire a professional architect. Along with construction of pool, installing proper equipment is also necessary. Proper lightning when the sun sets off, vacuum system, filtration unit, water pump, indoor pool lightning is also necessary to install. Cleaning the pool is also necessary from time to time. Hence it is necessary to install cleaning unit. During cleaning process, also you have to eliminate hardness of water. Professional will help you to eliminate hardness of water.

Build Your Own Swimming Pool

These are some process associated with swimming pool construction which will help you during the whole process.

Best Tips For Maintaining Your Swimming Pool

While having a swimming pool is a dream for many, maintaining it is thought to be difficult or time consuming. The truth is that maintaining a swimming pool is quite easy as long as you have the basic tools and a reliable swimming pool maintenance company in your contacts. Here are the best tips on how to maintain a swimming pool.

First, always ensure that the pool is always well disinfected using a good chlorine product. Swimming pool chlorine is important to keep the water free of bacteria and other microorganisms that can cause skin irritations or illnesses. The chemical is very easy to introduce to the water since most come as either stick or tablet types that are put into a distribution vessel next to the pool's pump and filter. Algae are usually a problem when it comes to home swimming pools as well as public pools, and the solution is as easy as purchasing algae inhibitors and pouring it into the water. An algae inhibitor prevents tens of thousands of algae from even developing in the water, so you don't have to worry about any greed or black patches on the water's surface or in the pool walls.

Another maintenance activity for outdoor swimming pools is pool shocking. This is a method of removing bather waste, which when combined with chlorine in the pool, can cause unpleasant odors and cloudy water. Bather waste can also cause skin and eye irritation to the swimmer and it needs to be cleared as fast as possible. Pool shocking products are readily available at swimming pool accessories stores under several other names including pool oxidizers and burners. Shock your swimming pool every week to clear the water of bather wastes.

Apart from keeping the water safe, it is also very important to check the function of the pool pump. If there is any excessive noise coming from the pump, call a swimming pool repair expert immediately because there may be a problem with the seals on the pump, which can cause electrical malfunctions.

Build Your Own Swimming Pool

Popular Swimming Pool Designs

Swimming pool designs have come a long way since their popularity began in the backyards of California. The standard rectangular or oval pools became mostly a thing of the past since creative pool designers have turned to using natural elements and visual illusions to create beautiful and unique swimming and relaxing pools. If you are looking for an outdoor pool design and don't want to have a swimming pool that looks exactly like your neighbors, you should look into vanishing edge or infinity pool designs. These designs remove the walls around a swimming pool, giving the impression that the pool is a natural feature of the landscape.

Vanishing edge swimming pools can be designed give the illusion of a beach leading down into the water complete with sand and gradually increasing water depth. This type of pool is perfect for throwing summertime beach parties without leaving your backyard. Other cool types of swimming pools include the original vanishing edge pool that featured water flowing over the edge of the pool. This design is still very popular. Although it seems that the water is flowing away, it's actually collected in a hidden trough that re-circulates the water back into the swimming pool.

Natural looking waterfalls for your swimming pool can be created by using your existing landscaping or building it up from rocks or concrete shaped mini mountainsides. These waterfalls also give the illusion that the pool is just a natural piece of the landscaping and not a manmade feature. Waterfalls can be built to provide several levels of water flowing into the pool and they can be smooth and peaceful or rough and noisy like a natural waterfall. A "noisy" waterfall pool is perfect for backyard areas that are exposed to the noise of traffic or other distracting sounds. As in the vanishing edge pool, the water is re-circulated back into your swimming pool. If you can afford it, you can even have your pool's waterfall flow controlled by a remote that lets you adjust the rate of flow into the pool or turn it off altogether.

Another customizing feature of your swimming pool is a fountain. Fountains can be used to create drama and to give your pool an artistic or classic feel or they can be as simple as a place for your kids to splash and play. Because fountains mix and re-circulate your pool water, they can actually help in keeping the water fresher and cleaner. Pool fountains are also another way to quiet distracting noises from around your swimming pool area. Now that you know some of the alternative swimming pool designs that are available to you, you can start dreaming up your own custom shapes, sizes and features you want your pool to have. You are only limited by your imagination and the skill of your pool designer. There are many swimming pool books and websites to start your imagination working. There's no need to settle for the plain, boring swimming pool design that your neighbors have.
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