How To Clean My Home Swimming Pool By Myself?

Owning a swimming pool is one of the huge investments any homeowner would go for but it has a share of responsibilities. There is no doubt that any swimming pool increases the value of any property in case there was a sale initiative. A swimming pool, however, needs a lot of care and attention to make it safe for the users. Pool maintenance is considered critical since it helps keep the pool clean and also enhance its longevity. As a proud owner of pool in Singapore, you might have a tight budget to contend with and DIY pool cleaning would be an excellent way to help you cut off the budget.

Swimming Pool Cleaning

Having professional help is also an ideal solution for a lot of busy homeowners or the ones that lack the necessary skills and knowledge to use the required tools and pieces of equipment for conducting the cleaning process.

Below is a simple guide to help any homeowner clean and maintain their swimming pools.

One of the ways to check the safety and need to clean your pool is by regularly checking the pH to ensure that the chemicals used especially chlorine is on the right scale. For this and more you need to purchase a pool test kit that should help you check and if need be control the pH levels of your pool. The good thing about this kit is it's easy to read and doesn't require extensive knowledge and skills. The instructions are clear and easy to follow since there is a well-structured process that gives out the required information step by step. The measures that you should take keen observations are the pool's pH, alkalinity, acid demand, total bromine, and chlorine.

Swimming Pool Ladders and Handrails

A swimming pool has the "interior" and "exterior" part and both require a similar treatment when it comes to cleanliness and maintenance. On the exterior part, there is the pool handrails and ladder. These parts are mostly utilized before you have a deep in into the water which means they carry a handful of germs. The other problem the owner has to deal with is the rusting issue which may react heavily with the steel used in making the handrails and ladder. Use disinfectants to clean out and wipe the outer components and also ensure the rails and ladders used are made of stainless steel to avoid corrosion and rusting.

Swimming Pool Filters

For diatomaceous earth filters is it essential to clean them regularly to help facilitate proper circulation of the water in your pool. The filters are known to keep away any debris from the system and also for water circulation. An easy way of keeping the filters clean for any homeowner is by rinsing the loose dirt and soaking the filter with the help of a cartridge cleaner which ensures the dirt is fully removed. After that important procedure, rinse the filter again and get it back to position.

Pool Cleaners

The actual pool water may be contaminated with the debris of different materials and sizes which plays part in making the pool dirty. The way to handle this issue as a homeowner is by acquiring pool cleaners that you feel comfortable working with. Also, there are vacuums that get into the bottom part to clean any dust and dirt debris that may have landed and settled at the bottom. To help you make the right decision you can consult a pool company and they can help you get the right tools and pieces of equipment to use.

Swimming Pool Cleaning

The cleaning can take place twice or thrice per month depending on the frequency the pool is used. As a way also to maintain and keep your pool clean acquire a pool cover which should come in handy if your pool is located near trees that shade. Also, it helps keep off the dust debris away since it's hard to tame this kind of dirt because it blends perfectly with the air. Since the exterior part of your pool is covered with tiles it is also essential to take care of it. As the homeowner, you could use the domestic detergents and solutions to clean the stubborn stains on the tiles. Other cleaning methods would be welcomed to ensure that the pool interior and exterior are safe for swimming.
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