Swimming Pool Construction And Maintenance Guidelines

It is a romantic and exciting experience to have a swimming pool in our home. Having a swimming pool in your home gives relaxation as well as work at the same time. There are several homes which are already equipped with Swimming pool. But there are several other rooms which have not these types of accessories inbuilt. Everyone loves to have a sun bath in winter days as well as to take swimming in the summer evening.

Swimming Pool Construction And Maintenance Guidelines

Have a well decorated swimming pool in your home is just like an investment. It may be same as you buy a car or a home. Insurance facility is available to construct it in your home. If you are going to construct a swimming pool in your home, there are some necessary tips which will help when you are going to construct a swimming pool for personal uses.

Hire top contractors for consultation:

It is the first & important step toward swimming pool construction. It is the foundation stage. It is the time when you sort out all requirements and try to the full fill it. It is also the time to make any change in the design of the pool & sorted out it.

Planning the design:

Planning the design is an important step towards pool construction. Sit with contractor discuss everything related to construction like type and size of a pool, the area available, etc. You will get a rough sketch of pool design by the contractor. The sketch will give an idea of work. 3-dimensional designs are also available. There are four types of designs are available in the market. You can choose according to your need & space available. In ground swimming pools are also available and popular as new fashion these days.

Construction of Pool:

Pool construction is an important process. This process starts by digging its foundation. Digging the design does not take more time. If the soil is hard, it may take more time. After digging, it is necessary plumbing & pasting tiles on the edges of the pool. You can ask the contractor to install updated light fittings and plumbing materials as well as the cleaning system.

Swimming Pool Construction And Maintenance Guidelines


Lightning is the important factor during the pool construction. A proper lightning system ensures the safety of swimmer. The color of lighting affects the color of water.

Give a finishing touch:

Give a finishing touch is final step if all work has been performed successfully. It is the step when you proper check for all stages. If there is any fault, it is immediately improved to its best. After you have constructed your swimming pool, you may be wondering on how you can maintain it so that it always remains in the best condition.

To keep your swimming pool in a clean state, it is important to give a true attention to swimming pool maintenance. It helps in keeping the pool free from any harmful pollutants and other precarious things. This can all be avoided by proper swimming pool maintenance on a daily basis. Most systems have pre-fitted automatic cleaner in their pools. It functions to eliminate all the small particles floating and underneath the surface of the pool. For removing the bigger size particles like leaves, it becomes necessary to use a net.

Vacuuming and manual cleaning

The pool should be vacuumed daily to make it work properly and look aesthetic. For better results, the pool should be cleaned manually by emptying it fully. The pool should be thoroughly cleaned by brushing it well with proper equipment. The walls and tiles should be kept free from dirt and dust. After scrubbing it properly, the pool needs to be vacuumed.

Swimming Pool Construction And Maintenance Guidelines

Using right amount of chemicals

Use of right chemicals for cleaning swimming pool is another vital point. If right chemicals are used, they would be no problem of water getting contaminated. This will keep the swimming pool clean and moreover, prevents from spending more on maintenance if chemicals wrongly used. The chemicals should be used in right quantities so as not have a negative effect on them. If the chemicals are dissolved in wrong quantities i.e. more than required, the person getting in contact with water can have serious problems. The main chemical used in pool waters is chlorine. Therefore, one should only buy chlorine related products to keep the pool smell and feel good. Chlorine is used to keep the growth of microorganisms at bay. It disinfects the pool from harmful elements like bacteria. To make it more effective, it should be poured into the water after sunset. As in the presence of sunlight, chlorine gets easily evaporated, this lessens its effect on water.

Checking pH level

Next, an important thing to be taken care of is the pH level of water. It can be tested through a water test kit. This enables to know the right percentage of chemicals in water and the pH balance. This should frequently be checked so that there are no chances of bacteria and green algae to bloom in the pool.

Disposal of waste

After the pool is cleaned properly, the debris that's collected should be disposed off at a far off place away from the water. It is so that it does not again get mix with the water. Where the pool is surrounded by bushes and shade of big trees, they should be prune as required so that dropped pollen does not cause hindrance with pool's cleanliness.

You always have a professional to help you in swimming pool maintenance if cleaning pool is not your cup of tea. Once you get known for the activities that need to be done for maintaining swimming pool, it becomes easy to follow the trance.

Construction and maintaining of a swimming pool are both challenging and exciting. If you are not an expert, swimming pool construction is not beyond your understanding. You can learn it by immersing yourself with magazines and ready-made plans which you can start with to be familiarized with the processes of constructing a pool.
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