Swimming Pool Maintenance Tips You Should Know About

Having a swimming pool is an incredible idea as it gives us different advantages like a pool party, adds attraction to your home, it is also a place to relax. However, everything comes with a cost. You should maintain it consistently with all hardware and supplies. It will need your time too. Great swimming pool maintenance on a global basis will reduce problems.

Pool Maintenance Tips

Below are some of the pool maintenance practices that will help your pool stay for long.
Check the chlorine levels of water

One of the main things that you should deal with is the chlorine levels of the water. This should not at all times go below 1 ppm, or algae and germs will begin contaminating the pool. Preferably, the levels of chlorine should be kept up between 1-3 ppm. Ensure that you check the levels each day. You should likewise shock your swimming pool once in a week for breaking down natural contamination of any kind. For creating the shock, you need to maintain the chlorine levels of the water between 6-10 ppm. Then again, if you need to have a chlorine-free swimming pool, you can request the skill of expert swimming pool developers in Thailand who have working experience with chlorine free pools.

Pool tile cleaning

Pool tile cleaning should be a routine practice for anybody and should not be disregarded. If left alone, tile around a pool can pick up mildew around its sides. So consistently we should try to take some time out to clean it, or we can hire service from outside. Chemicals like chlorine help to clean tiles yet we should check the quantity of chlorine as too quite a bit of it may lead to bleaching of tiles, and too less may lead algae or mildew to develop. Along these lines, we should use adequate quantity to clean it.

Check the levels of alkalinity and calcium

You will likewise need to frequently check the alkalinity levels and the calcium levels of your swimming pool water. The calcium levels affect the hardness and alkalinity of the water specifically affect pH balance of the water. High level of calcium can offer ascent to cloudy water. The concentration levels can be tested and adjusted with the assistance of suitable synthetic analyzers. You even need to employ a salt chlorinator now and again.

Pool Maintenance Tips

Clean your pool filter routinely

Cleaning your filter should be high on your list of priorities as to your swimming pool maintenance. It is not unusual for little things to end up in a pool filter, and this will reduce their life span. Bugs, little leaves, and other light things will likewise develop in the filter during the mid-year months, and if not cleaned frequently it will quickly reduce their effectiveness. You might need to hire an expert pool cleaner to clean your filter if you are not sure what to do. All things maintained, the exact opposite thing you need is to clean a filter just to save yourself some cash.

Assess the nature of water

Maintenance specialists will check for every possible reason that may affect the nature of the water. Tainted water is harmful to swimming. You should avoid playing with the water that you don't know is safe. These defending proficient services find and settle every single issue, which may be a reason for the low standard characteristics of the water.

Check your pH all the time

The pH of your water is important for you as a swimmer, it is likewise essential for the efficiency of your chlorine and any mechanical piece of the pool, for example, the filter. In a perfect world, you should have a marginally soluble pH because this is the environment in which chlorine works best. It is additionally the pH of your body, which means you should not have any unfriendly effects from frequent swimming like red eyes and dry skin. An antacid environment will likewise prolong the life of your pool filter, thus saving you cash as time goes on.

Pool Maintenance Tips

Use the right chemicals

Several chemicals are imperative for successful swimming pool maintenance. The first and most important is chlorine. Chlorine kills any algae and microbes that may be on the tiles, or indeed in the water itself. You can likewise use common synthetic known as algae preventer to stop facilitate development. This synthetic is however exceptionally unhealthy and can damage your tiles if used erroneously, so it's advisable to hire an expert pool cleaner to do this bit.

Skim frequently and empty your skimmer crate

Great swimming pool maintenance begins with skimming. Not just do you skim off the obvious bits of garbage, for example, leaves, flower heads and winged creature quills, you additionally skim littler yet more possibly unsafe things like feathered creature dung and pet hide. It's likewise important that you empty your skimmer crate or net after each usage because leaving garbage in it between skims will allow all way of microscopic organisms, viruses and even contagious growths to set up.

Use a cover when the pool is not being used

A pool cover is great for keeping outsider out of your pool. But some less expensive pool covers act like a greenhouse, giving a sticky atmosphere that microorganisms love and flourish in. Pool covers are best used during the winter months when the pool isn't being used, and the temperature is too low to create an adequately sticky environment. If you can, have a cover specifically made for your pool so that it can fit well to it.


All swimming pools are not the same, and so are the maintenance needs and services. But they all share one common and simple trait they all need regular and routine care at all times. It is the key to a better and longer pool life.
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