Tips And Benefits Of Clean Pool

When it is hot outside, there is nothing better than jumping into a cold blue pool. If you have yours, you can enjoy it whenever you want! Many people end up with public pools because the cost of care and maintenance is too high, but that's not necessarily the case! Learning how to clean your own pool is a great way to save money and find out what's going on in your water. Follow these steps and you may be heading to a clean pool in no time!

Pool Maintenance Tips

1. You will need some tools for the job. Gather a skimmer, a pool cleaner, a wall and floor brush, an algae brush and a tile brush.

2. Use a pool vacuum on the walls and floor of your pool at least once a week, even if your pool has an automatic system.
This way, you will know that each surface has been cleaned properly, as many automatic cleaning systems and vacuum cleaners can bypass parts of the pool while duplicating in others. Spend more time on corners and stairs that do not have a lot of traffic. Suck back and forth around the pool with a slight overlap

3. Use the skimmer to catch any floating object (leaves, especially) before they sink to the bottom of the pool.
By doing this regularly, it ensures that the swimming pool circulation system is maintained with maximum efficiency and reduces the need for chlorine.

4. Keep the strainer baskets clean by cleaning them regularly.
This is essential for the operation of the circulation system, which is the best tool for staying clean. Do this at least once a week, especially if your vacuum cleaner is connected to your own skimmer.

5. Brush the pool walls at least once a week to eliminate calcium and algae build-up.
Choose your brush depending on the type of pool you have, if you have a concrete pool covered with plaster, you can use a stiff brush. If you have fibreglass or vinyl, you will need a softer brush. The same is true for tiled pools. If you have slag in your water line on the tiles, use a non-abrasive liquid containing chlorine and a sponge to remove it. If there are stains, use a nylon scouring pad or pumice stone. Check with the manufacturer of your pool before using any chemical, as you will know which is the best way to remove stains without damaging the pool.

Pool Maintenance Tips

6. You should regularly check the pH of your pool to make sure bacteria and algae do not thrive.
Use a disinfectant to help fight bacteria and hit the pool regularly to keep the water as clean as possible. "Crash" a pool is simply the oxidation of water to break down water-soluble waste, such as skin cells, body oils and cosmetics. You will need shock chemicals that match the type of filter system you have, they should be available in your pool dispenser's store.

If you take care of your own pool, it will significantly reduce the costs of owning a wonderful luxury. Maybe with the money saved, I can buy a slide!

Benefits of having a clean pool

There are many benefits to having a clean pool. First of all, you can swim in! The main reason someone has a pool is to swim in, and there is nothing better than going home after a hard day's work and being able to relax and swim in their own sparkling clean pool. Not only can you enjoy your pool, but you can also have friends and family to enjoy with you.

1. A clean pool helps you to entertain

Barbeque in the backyard is excellent, and it's even better when you can take a break from the barbecue and jump into a shiny pond to relieve the heat. Having a party at the pool is a great way to spend a special occasion, such as a birthday, graduation or July 4th. Having a clean pool also means that you can do sports and games, like volleyball, Marco Polo and basketball.

2. A sparkling pool makes your garden more inviting

Another benefit of having a clean pool is that it makes your garden shine. The pool is usually a focal point of the backyard. When people enter your garden, they immediately notice if your pool is clean. Having a spectacular pool makes the entire patio look good, and people like to spend time in places that are clean and inviting.

3. Clean pools cost less

Another benefit of having a clean pool is that it costs less to maintain. Keeping your pool clean by having it serviced weekly means the chemicals will be in balance, and dirt and debris such as leaves will not decompose and wear on the pool surface. The surface will last longer. This is true whether the surface is plaster or fibreglass.

Pool Maintenance Tips

4. Having a clean pool is healthier

Nobody wants to swim in a dirty pool because they can have algae, fungi and bacteria growing on them. Maintaining the proper level of chlorine in the pool will keep it clean and free of this type of germs. Even having a small number of algae and other microbes in the pool can make the pool surfaces slippery and dangerous when entering or leaving the pool. In addition, clean pools do not have mosquitoes that carry disease that breeds there. This has always been important, especially with the recent increase virus cases throughout the country.

By having a clean pool, you will have a nice pool. You will feel comfortable when swimming in it. It will also prevent you from bacteria that could spread some diseases in your pool. Therefore, always clean your pool regularly to maintain it. The most important thing to do if you have a pool in your home is to maintain it. Make sure your pool is always clean. A clean pool also depends on a functional filtration system and adequate pH levels. In addition, you can use a disinfectant to help fight bacteria and shake the pool regularly to help keep it clean and clear.
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