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Swimming pool repair and maintenance services are highly needed and recommended in order to make it safe for you and family members. Maintenance and repair do not only concentrate on the water in the pool but also the pool area in general. You need the help of a professional service provider who will help you get everything right and get everything under control. Having a damaged pool fence may lead to accidents especially with your kids. Maintaining, cleaning and repairing a swimming pool is difficult and tedious and it needs a professional touch to make it safe.

Pool Repair

Acquiring the services of a professional pool repair company is essential for the following reasons:

Since swimming pools have a lot of chemicals in them it is always vital and necessary to maintain the correct pH regularly. Having the chemicals balanced makes the water non-corrosive and safe for the homeowners. By balancing the chemicals also inhibits the growth of algae which helps keep your pool clean.

The plumbing system of the pool may get damaged which may cause leaks which may cost you a lot if not rectified soon. You will feel pain as your utility bill increase which adds on the expenses.

Maintaining the filtration system of your swimming pool is important since it filters and circulates clean water as it takes up the contaminated one. This helps maintain the proper acidity and pH balance in the water.
Also, there could be battered and damaged tiles and liners which can cause accidents and also make the swimming pool area less appealing. You need professional assistance to help you with the maintenance of your pool to improve its value and longevity.

We are a swimming pool repair and maintenance company in Singapore and we help our customers take care of their swimming pool. Below are the reasons why choose us as your swimming pool repair service provider:

Look For Experience
We are a professional company that has been in this business for a very long time. We do have the right experience to sort out any kind of pool damage. Because of our vast wealth of experience, we specialize in all type of pool maintenance services we major in:

-Inspect the filtration equipment.
-Backwash filtration system. -Clean skimmer baskets and waterline tiles. -Brush and vacuum the pool. -Fill the water to its proper level. -Remove of all trash on the on-site facility.

With the vast services, we offer we ensure that we take care of your pool and give it glory back. This makes us the right candidate for all your pool repair and maintenance services.

Pool Repair

Quality Service

Your pool needs special attention when it comes to cleaning and maintaining it and since the process is technical you need to entrust the services of a professional team. We have very competent and professional

employees who have the right knowledge to work with any type of pools and are familiar with the required repair works your pool needs. Avoid working with a company you have just checked out online without conducting proper research to ensure that you get the value of your money back.

Proper License Or Work Permit

We are a properly licensed company with the necessary bodies in Singapore which makes us a perfect choice for you. We also have fully insured employees which should make you feel at ease in case any mishap takes place.

Right Fees

We also give free quotes to our customers which shows how we fairly price our services. We ensure that you get the value of your money back on the service you trust us to provide. We know there is a lot of competition and to help us do an effective job we use modern technology which helps us do the work much faster at a very fair price.

There are some common problems that should prompt you to contact us:

Problems with the pump

Both the underground and underground basins use a pump to circulate the water through the filter. The most common problem with a pool is a defective motor in the filter pump. Like many other machines with moving parts, the pump motor will wear out over time. When the pump stops running, the water in the pool does not circulate through the filter to be cleaned. But even if the pump is worn, it will not work properly and the water may not be thoroughly cleaned.

Problems with the filter.

Even if the pump is working properly, the filter can still cause problems. In most cases, pool owners do not clean the filter and water cannot be routed. This can cause the pump to work harder and fail prematurely. The size of the filter itself can be a problem. The size of the filter depends on the amount of water to be cleaned. If the filter is too small, it can not handle the load and works too hard. If the filter is too big, it consumes much more energy than necessary. Filter sizes may be difficult to decipher after some time. In general, a local pool technician or dealer can help if the filter needs to be replaced.

Pool Repair

Leaking pool
Leaks are a big problem with elevated pools. These types of swimming pools consist of two main parts: the walls and the lining. The walls give the pool structure and support the food. The food is the part that keeps the water in the pool. The liner can be scratched or sharply cut, creating a leak. In normal use, the coating may be worn in places, creating a leak. Small cracks or holes can easily be repaired with a patch. However, these small issues can go unnoticed if the liner fails completely. In this case, the pool must be completely emptied to replace the liner.

Cracked walls

Underground basins often do not form leaky walls, but older concrete basins can break due to soil buildup. This is the main reason why most of the new sunken pools are made of molded fiberglass. They are often cheaper to manufacture and the fiberglass reinforces the sides to prevent it from tearing. The surface coating of older basins can also be worn, resulting in rough areas of exposed concrete. This is a much easier solution as the affected area is restored with the rest of the pool.
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Your one stop solution for all types pool maintenance, repair and cleaning service in Singapore



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