Why Choose Us As Your Pool Cleaning Company?

Our goal is to provide customers 100% satisfaction from all our pool cleaning services. Your happiness is our happiness. Our well-trained and well-equipped pool cleaning specialists will ensure that your pool is clean from top to bottom. They would also make sure that they go the extra mile to guarantee your satisfaction. Our specialists take pride in giving customers their peace of mind knowing that their pool is in good hands. We take pride in our job and we will take care of your pool’s repair and service needs. If you have a green or yellow pool, we can make it a clear perfect blue where your family can enjoy.

* Attention to detail — your deck will be hosed every visit and we will clean and empty your Polaris bag
* We would go the extra mile just to provide you with pool repairs and cleaning services
* We are a family-oriented pool cleaning company
* We give free estimates or quotation
* All of our services and professional cleaning specialists are fully licensed, insured and bonded
* We have a great communication system! We return e-mails and calls immediately
* A door hanger will be left after every repair or service * We use top of the line equipment for service and repairs

All of our technicians are well-trained in providing service to any type of pool, may it be salt water or chlorine pools. If you work with us, you are rest assured that your pool’s maintenance and service is performed in a timely manner. Below is a list of some of our services.

* Pool Cleaning
* Acid Washes
* Filter Cleaning
* Chlorine Baths
* Pool Equipment Maintenance
* Algae Treatment
* Chemical Balance
* Tile Cleaning
* Pool Draining
* Parts Replacement
* Debris Removal
* Filter Replacement

You would want to cool off in your pool or tub, especially on the dog days of summer. Of course when you do, you would want the water and the surrounding areas to be clean. If you immediately jump into the water without having it treated or cleaned first, you will put you and your family’s heath at risk because algae and bacteria can proliferate easily in wet places. This is why homeowners hire the best pool cleaning services in the country because they would want to ensure that their pool is maintained and sanitized meticulously. The sanitizing and overall maintenance of the pool takes up a lot of time, but you don’t have to worry about this. Just give our hot line number a ring and you can enjoy and revel in the luxury of swimming in no time! If you have guests or if your family uses the pool frequently, it is best to maintain the cleanliness of the pool all year round with the appropriate pool cleaning services.

First off, a dirty pool is definitely not good to look at. It is even hideous! However, not only is it disgusting to watch but it also poses great danger once you come in contact with it. If your pool is not maintained regularly, dangerous bacteria make it its habitat. Because there is bacteria, harmful pests would make it their breeding grounds as well. It does not end there though because a full filter and basket would result to the destruction of your pumps and to your overall pool filtering system. If they have been damaged, you can expect that it will require you to put in large sums of money just to replace the parts. You would also risk destroying the steps, walls, and floors which would just heighten up your bill on repairs. This is why we stress the importance of hiring pool maintenance services in Singapore. They would do the job for you!

You can benefit a lot from pool cleaning services, especially if you have the cleanliness of your pool maintained regularly. Usually, this would entail the thorough brushing of the steps, walls, and floors; skimming of the surface for large-sized debris; vacuuming the entire perimeter; emptying and replacing the filter and basket to ensure that the system and the equipment are in tip top condition. Doing so will also guarantee that the water is clean always.

A reputable professional pool cleaning company will check and maintain the water levels which is vital in avoiding leaks in the pool. It is normal for the water levels to drop because of evaporation in the vent, but in some cases it may prove to be dangerous. The early detection of leaks in the pool and immediate action can save you a lot of money, time, and stress in dealing with more severe damages in the future.

Chemicals that has been poured into the pool must be properly balanced at all times. An effective and reliable pool cleaning company in Singapore will aid you and ensure that the alkalinity of the water is balanced as well as with the acidity. The cleaning specialist would also remove all of the other unnecessary minerals left in the water. If this is done properly, dangerous algae and bacteria will be removed effectively at a 99.9 percent rate. An excellent pool specialist would also check the chemical levels in the water during every visit and apply procedures as required – all to ensure that the pool water is clean and well-balanced.

Routine maintenance is definitely beneficial as well in making sure that the pool filter system and all the other equipment are not defective, but rather fully functional. As we said, early detection is key in preventing small costs to accumulate into bigger costs. Not only will professional pool cleaning services in Singapore maintain the cleanliness of your pool, but they would also save you time and money as well.

For all the great reasons stated above, there should be no reason why you wont employ us as your pool cleaning and maintenance provider. You will finally get the chance to lounge on your pool and enjoy clean and well-balanced water with friends and family! Enlist on our cleaning services today and your pool will be squeaky clean in no time!

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