Why Choose Us As Your Pool Repair Company?

Installing a swimming pool in the backyard comes along with many different responsibilities. Some of the most commonly known usually involve those that the family may need to share, while others are usually left up to the professionals. Regardless of the family’s situation or personal preference, the primary goal or objective is to make sure that the family’s investment is protected properly year round. From making sure the walls of the swimming pool are thoroughly cleaned at all times for the family to making sure the filter is removed and replaced every three years, there is a lot that must be done to ensure the family can enjoy their swimming pool without any unnecessary disruptions.

That being said, for those of you in the Singapore area that need a reliable and qualified team of professionals to take care of your maintenance needs, here’s some information about the great services that we offer and why you should contact us for your needs.

If you are like other homeowners and their family members, you want to make sure that your swimming pool stays clean and in good working order. In fact, for homeowners that like to share their pool time with their friends and other family members, it is important that these special occasions are remembered as being packed with fun, and not for unnecessary problems that can occur with the pool. Therefore, to prevent avoidable issues from occurring during the most inopportune times, it is essential that the family hires a team of reliable professions to perform a good quality job when they visit their home. Therefore, when you need assistance with pool cleaning, pool repair, and pool maintenance, we can provide a team of specialists that can service your pool using the latest cleaning technologies at affordable rates.

When we send our team of professionals to your home to clean your pool, we come equipped with the most effective tools, equipment and cleaning agents to do the best quality job. Our team starts this cleaning process by removing all of the debris that floats on the top of the water, on the bottom of the swimming pool and even on the side walls of the pool. This process is normally done by using both brushing and flushing techniques to get rid of all of the debris. Because a mixture of water and chlorine solution works best, this solution is used to brush the surfaces, allowed to sit for several minutes to soak and then it is brushed away. Pool brushes are also used to clean the walls of the pool so that no dirt or debris is left back.

Even though keeping the swimming pool clean throughout the year is a high priority for many homeowners when they contact us, keeping the equipment in the pool running smoothly and properly is another service that we provide to pool owners. So, it is not uncommon for a homeowner to need a pump and filter replaced from time to time. So, this is service that is also needed whenever the owner or our professional maintenance staff see the signs of a filter not doing its job. Here’s a list of the signs that indicate a filter replacement is needed.

– Requires additional backwashing¬†– Maintenance crew called more frequently for filter runs – water clarity and sparkle reduced- Dirt or DE powder starts to flow back into the pool- During vacuuming the Filter clogs easily — The pull of the skimmer suction begins to lessen in powerwater balance is beginning to become more difficult- Not easy to keep an algae free pool

Typically, pump and filter replacements are recommended every 3 years. However, based on the type and quality of the filter and the pump that has been installed in the pool, these replacements can be done much earlier, especially when the signs and symptoms above begin to occur much more frequently.

Because we want to make our services available to match your preferences and your budget, we have 4 different types of pool cleaner services in which to make your selections from. The following types are listed below with a brief description of each.

– Manual Pool Cleaner. Manual pool cleaners have been designed with a number of purposes in mind. This option is normally for those who are on a budget and want to maintain the cleanliness of either above ground pool or the smaller size ground pool. This cleaner is designed with the features of a vacuum cleaner.

– Robotic Pool Cleaner. Robotic Pool Cleaners can be described as machines that are self-contained. The cleaning is performed as it moves around the pool, while it scrubs the walls and the floors.

– Pressure – Side Pool Cleaner. The pressure side pool cleaner serves multiple purposes including cleaning the pool’s surfaces by the pressure rolling over the walls of the pool, while sucking in the debris. For instance, this option is great for the larger size pools since it can pick up acorns and large leaves.

– Suction Side Auto Pool Cleaner. The suction side automatic cleaners are made for cleaning up fine particles in the pool including sand. This equipment has also been designed to utilize the pool’s filter system to to get rid of the smallest size debris.
Keeping a swimming pool clean, repaired and maintained properly is not always as simple as some people may think. In fact, getting rid of the smallest size particles like sand will always require using the appropriate equipment, tools and cleaning agents to do the job correctly, especially when the owners and the family members want to protect their investment. Therefore, for those of you who want to obtain the best quality services that this industry offers, you can contact our professional pool specialists today for all of your cleaning, maintenance and repair services.

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