Effective Tips for Pool Maintenance and Its Myths

The first and most important part of pool maintenance is pool cleaning. You need to make sure that the basin has no debris like plastic, paper, leaves and other such objects. You can clean the pool using suction cleaners, pressure cleaners, electric cleaners and in-floor cleaners. Pool filters too is a necessary part of maintenance, and should go on for at least eight hours each day. It should keep running continuously, but you can best keep it on, during day time. You should maintain the filter on with the timer so that you don't have to go on checking as to when you need to put it off.

Regular pool maintenance

The filters need regular cleaning. Some of the filters commonly used are diatomaceous earth filters, cartridge filters, and sand filters. For pool maintenance, you should usually keep checking the quality of the water. Every time you check the pool, you should check its pH which needs to be 7.2 to 7.6. At this level chlorine is most effective in the water and is safe for the skin. If somehow, the pH is incorrect it can harm the pool equipment, and more importantly your skin.

You need to care for calcium levels in the water by doing an inorganic calcium test. To keep your pool water sanitized, make use of chlorine as it protects the water from algae and bacteria. For your pool maintenance, you also need pool covers. It prevents convection heat loss, as also the water from evaporating. The water shall be at an even temperature, and you won't need to refill it. At the same time, the water of your pool shall be almost clean as the cover won't allow the entry of any debris.

Below are guidelines for selecting pool liners:Commonly, liners have a variety of thicknesses, from 20 "miles" to 40. Generally speaking, most pools don't need a really thick liner; the standard gauge is 20 miles, and your pool probably doesn't need anything thicker than that. The manufacturing process is the same for every gauge of the liner, and warranties are the same as well.

Pool liners also come in a variety of colors and patterns. So you'll need to choose a design that you don't mind looking at for the next ten years.

Pick a contractor who is knowledgeable about what he's doing when he installs your liner. Make sure he knows how to install your liner over the steps in your pool -- you don't want the liner separating from the steps. You'll also want to make sure your contractor has a broad variety of coatings to select. Ask two questions of your contractor: First, find out how long the installation will take; it shouldn't take more than about three days. Then, ask if there's an option to purchase an extended warranty. Some contractors will offer protection beyond what the liner manufacturer offers -- sort of a guarantee of their installation work. Finally, remember that choosing a right contractor can save you lots of work in the future. If you like the contractor you've decided to install your pool liner, only call him again if you ever need someone to make repairs or perform simple pool maintenance.

Regular pool maintenance

There a lot of myths about owning a pool and probably you would like to know them. This informative article is for you.
Here're the common myths about owning a swimming pool:

It costs too much.

The pool industry is highly competitive, and there's a huge range of prices for magnificent pools which are much lower. Cost depends on things such as materials and accessories. Finance is usually available for pools.

The short answer to this myth is "Shop around". Pick a budget figure, and see what you can get. Ask your pool suppliers, and you'll get even more options. Don't talk yourself out of a beautiful home pool by the price tag of an Olympic size pool.

The builders will be messing up my yard for months.

It's a bit hard even to figure out where this particular myth originates. It's way off. To be brutally honest, No they won't. Although you need to be realistic about this, it won't take anything like that long to install your pool.

Can you imagine a professional builder, installing five or six pools a year? They'd go broke. Ask around for quotes and installation timeframes. Many different types of pools can be mounted extremely easily, and very quickly, with no mess at all.

Regular pool maintenance

I don't have the room for a pool.

You'd be surprised. Pools can come in all shapes and sizes, custom or off the shelf. Some of the most elegant upmarket designer pools are quite small. Ask an architect, and they'll give you a virtual shopping list of pool options for your place.
A pool can be a Jacuzzi, spa, and swimming pool all rolled into one, and just the right size. The requirement for all these features is an area about half the size of an average studio apartment. In the mean back yard, you've got a lot of space left over with those dimensions.

I don't have time to maintain it.

Yes, you do. Half an hour a week and maybe an hour a month is manageable for anyone. Pools don't take a lot of effort or time, as long as you can schedule it in, this takes you few minutes in a day, maybe an hour or so on weekends for maintenance, and most of the work's done automatically.

Pools detract from a home's value.

There's little more appealing to a real estate agent than a sparkling, well-kept pool with a house. Stock up on the basic supplies, and you'll be swimming in interested buyers when you decide to sell.

To buyers, pools are like magnets. They're not turning off customers in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane's top suburbs, where house prices start around a half to a million dollars. A beautifully landscaped pool is a major selling point. It's a lifestyle plus to buyers. Replacing a pool liner is a highly technical skill that's part science, part art. It's easy to measure a pool; knowing what to do with those measurements is considerably more challenging. A good pool service contractor can make sure your pool's liner has the best possible fit, without a single wrinkle. (You've heard the myth that every liner has some wrinkles? Well, it's just that -- a myth. Any properly crafted and installed pool liner will be 100 percent wrinkle free.)
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