Importance And Guide To Cleaning Your Swimming Pool

A swimming pool is one of the most relaxing recreational facility where most people have fun. To keep it away from diseases and smelly water, it requires cleaning once in a while. The process of cleaning is much tedious and may take you the whole day if you do not know how to go about it. In most cases, it requires that you hire a professional to handle the cleaning for you to have spectacular results. If you have to do it by yourself, you need to have the right equipment and follow the correct procedures. The article has some of the simple steps to leaving the swimming pool spotlessly clean.

Swimming Pool Cleaning

What is the importance of cleaning the swimming pool?

Most people would argue that there is a constant flow of water and thus cleaning is not necessary. Just like your bathroom, you use water and soap always but it reaches a time when it gets so dirty? Why is that so if the water is always flowing carrying away the dirt? It is this simple. To maintain the pool water clean, chemicals like chlorine and bromine are a requirement. These chemicals are only responsible for keeping the water clean but not the walls and thus the leaves and the bugs will still find their way into the water. To get rid of these two, it is evident that cleaning is the only way out.

Getting the cleaning equipment

You cannot start the cleaning process without having all the requirements since you would waste a lot of time running up down to get them. You need to have a telescopic pole which is very instrumental in attaching the cleaning equipment on it. You will require a leaf skimmer which is also known as leaf net for getting rid of the leaves on the swimming pool. Pool brush to scrub the walls of the pool and vac and ahead for the deep cleaning. There are those pools that consist of an automatic pool cleaner and hence does not require the use of the vac and head.

Brushing the walls

To maintain your pool in a very ideal way, it is important to scrub the walls with the pool brush weekly. The brush effectively scrubs off the dirt in the areas where there is poor circulation of water. Purchasing brushes with a varying width is very instrumental as it will help you all the areas to ensure a thorough cleanup.

Skimming the swimming pool surface

To keep the air around the swimming pool cool, there re trees around which shed off their leaves. You cannot prevent the leaves from falling into the pool and thus you need to remove them when it happens. With the use of the leaf net, you are able to remove the leaves in the pool as well as any other debris that may have got in mistakenly.

Cleaning with the Vac head

If the pool does not have an automatic pool cleaner, the vac head plays the role effectively and thus you do not have t worry. You attach the vac head to the telescopic pole and it cleans by removing the debris.

Swimming Pool Cleaning

Ensure the right chemicals proportion levels

The chemicals play a great role in killing the microorganisms in the swimming pool. If they are in low amounts, they will not be very effective. It requires that you test your water for the PH and sanitizers at least three times in a week to ensure that they are in the right proportion since there are factors like the weather and sun that can affect their levels.

Addition of shock

The shock, in this case, is not the electrical one. It is in the chemicals added to the water to maintain its cleanliness. It prevents the debris from building up in the pool and the growth of algae which can be a great distraction to your swimming pool. By doing so per week, it ensures that even the most resistant algae do not have a place there.


Keeping your swimming pool clean is an important factor in taking care of yourself too. It requires extra care from maintaining the right chemical levels to removing the debris. The above article has the procedures toward cleaning the swimming which starts from having the appropriate tools. You can also involve a professional t handle the cleaning for you to get the best results.
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