Know About Swimming Pools Maintenance And Cleaning

For many years, swimming pools have brought people the chance for water-based enjoyment. They usually differ in materials, physical placement, or size and shape. Several models are made for above ground, some are built for in ground, and others are designed for rooftops. They are built using a host of materials such as metal, concrete, plastic, and fibreglass. The largest ones are referred to as the Olympic-size pools.

Cleaning Swimming Pool

Some swimming pools are made for the use of the general public or while there are those for private use. Public places such as fitness centers, hotels, and health clubs provide a customer with pools for their exercise as well as relaxation. Jacuzzi and hot tubs are usually the smaller versions, and they use hot water to provide relaxation and therapy.

Disinfection became a requirement to protect the health of the swimmers. For disinfection, filters and various cleaning chemicals such as chlorine, bromine, and mineral sanitizer is normally used. Several chemical free units use ultraviolet sterilization and carbon bio filters. These methods prevent the development of bacteria, viruses, insect larvae, and algae in the pool.

Private swimming pools are typically smaller compared to public pools. In many homes today, owners are using above ground pools, which are ideal for seasonal use. These types of pools can be disassembled during the winter months. Several warm regions in the country saw an up rise in the number of outdoor pools beginning in the 1950s. In places where the climate is much cooler, indoor pools with heated facilities are more popular and are designed for an all year round use.

Places like recreational complexes and leisure centers regularly provide public lagoons. Lagoons normally have heated outdoor and indoor units. Shallow children's pools are highly popular for families that have kids. Most of the time, they are shaped in the rectangular fashion and have diving boards at the deeper ends. There are also facilities that provide island bars, wave machines, and even waterfalls. Pools located in separate buildings are often referred to as natatorium.

Pool facilities for competition should comply with certain international standards. They must have a length of either 82 feet or 164 feet and depths of at least 4.4 feet. It was in 1924 that the Olympic-sized pools were first used for a global sporting event.

Having a swimming pool in your yard is one priceless possession. Imagine the comforts of having one and enjoy the privacy of using a pool with your family? Its total enjoyment is coupled with the responsibility of maintaining your swimming pool in top condition the year round. The kind of maintenance you are providing for your swimming pool will make the enjoyment of your pool longer as well as providing safety to the place where your family is having fun.

Cleaning Swimming Pool

To preserve your pool's existence longer than its normal life, there are tips to follow to maintain your pool.

-Conduct the regular check on your pool's water chemistry.

This activity must be regularly done two times in a week during summer and once a week during the winter months. In doing this regular check up, you can make small adjustments on; your water chemistry as against making the big chemical adjustment that could ignite a wild up and down graph in activity.

-Do not allow the pH level to reach above 8.0.

If you keep the pH at bay say at 7.5, the chlorine would be between 50-60% active and if at 7.0, the chlorine is about 73% active, while if the ph registers at 8.5, chlorine is only 10% active.

-Monitor your pools' alkalinity level between 80-140ppm.

If your alkalinity level strays beyond this parameters, your water balance is affected and likewise with your sanitizer's ability is compromised.

-Have a regular check up of Total Dissolved Solids or TDS or calcium hardness.

It must be done every six months and calcium hardness every month. TDS and calcium hardness also affect your water balance.

-Always clean the cells in your salt water systems or chlorine generators.

If there is corrosion or calcified cells, there would be little chlorine produced.

-Save water and allow your filter to reach its cleaning potential by reducing your backwashing sand or DE filters frequency.
Normally, filters need backwashing when the pressure gauge reaches 8-10psi.

Cleaning Swimming Pool

-Clean your skimmer basket and lint pot in your pool pump regularly.

When these baskets are full of debris, the result would be the little flow that produces poor circulation which could potentially produce a bigger problem later.

-Do not add liquid chlorine

During the day do not add liquid chlorine, do it during the night period and you can maximize its advantages.

-You have to brush the walls and tiles now and then.

If you keep your tiles clean, you are saving money that could be used on other items, and it also eliminates algae problems. If your tiles get calcified, it now becomes a problem that has to be taken off.

-See to it that the cracks are filled with silicon.

You have to prevent the water from inside the pool getting out of the decking.

-Have the pumps run longer for about one hour for every ten degrees in temperature?

You need circulation from the flow as it is the key to your low maintenance for your swimming pool.

-Replace immediately all broken.

Missing drains or suction sources as well as the defective door or gate closers including fences to prevent untoward accidents within your pool area.

These are some of the many ways in which you can add beauty to your dull swimming pool and give it a new life and in return buy your family a permanent vacation at home. Once you have bought your pool and have everything going, it can cost you quite a bit to keep everything going. Pools want to be maintained, which can tend to be dear. All in all, swimming pools are ideal for your property. Whether it's an above ground swimming pool or in ground pool, your family shall like it. You will just have somewhere to go on hot days together, to relax and enjoy the cool water. Once you have a swimming pool, you won't have to use the local pool anymore - and you won't have to deal with the crowds or long lines anymore.
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