Tips For Swimming Pools Maintenance in Singapore

Swimming Pool is a big container containing water for recreational purpose. The swimming pools are built for swimming purposes. Like any other games like cricket, football, volleyball, swimming is also an enjoyable game or art which can relieve stresses of mind. It also gives the required exercise for the body. It is an enthusiastic recreational activity. Other kinds of indoor and outdoor games can be played by a person without knowledge of it. But swimming requires the skills. Learning to swim is a beginning for this. It is a kind of water sports which is more enjoyable than any other play or game.

Pool Maintenance

Swimming pools are found in public places, tourism places, clubs, apartments etc. Nowadays rich people have their own swimming pool at their house premises. The size of the swimming pool varies from very smaller ones to very bigger ones. The public swimming pools need to be very big to accommodate a considerable number of swimmers. Whereas the private pools built in the home need not be that big since the number of swimmers will be less. Apart from entertainment, the swim is also a competitive game. Swimming is game for Olympics, Asian games, commonwealth games, and other major sports event.

There are mainly two categories of the pool, namely natural pools and constructed (artificial) pools. Natural pools are the ones which exist by the virtue of nature. Examples of these are lakes, small rivers, backwaters, ponds etc. For these, there is no need of much maintenance. Constructed pools are built by professional swimming pool construction companies. For these there is a regular maintenance is required like water, cleaning, sanitation etc. Usually, natural pools are very big in size, compared to constructed swimming pools. Natural pools pose a significant risk for swimmers. Many inexperienced swimmers lose their life due to drowning. But in artificial or constructed pools, there are many safety measures and precautionary actions are taken while constructing pools. The safety measures include the depth of the pool, water current, water level, rescue operations etc. But for infants or toddlers, extra precautionary actions should be taken by the concerned persons.

Tips For Swimming Pools Maintenance in Singapore

Keeping the swimming pools neat and clean is a challenging work which needs to be done at the regular intervals. It should be done carefully by the professional maintenance worker as they have knowledge about the right pH, brushing and vacuuming of the swimming pools. The two most important things which you should consider in the maintenance of swimming pools are sanitizer and water movement. The motionless water breeds many bacteria and micro-organism which is not good for swimming pools, unlike the ponds. A sanitizer is used to kill the bacteria and control the growth of algae.

Pool Maintenance

There are many factors which should consider in the swimming pools maintenance. You should check and maintain proper chemical balance. This can be done by testing the water at the regular interval and adding the pertinent chemical to adjust the balance as needed. Following are five primary elements of swimming pools chemistry:

It measures the acidity level of water which should be in between 7.2 & 7.6 PPM.

It is used to sanitize the water by killing the bacteria which maintain water clarity and prevents the growth of algae. The ideal chlorine level in the water should be in between 0.5 and 3.0 PPM.

Calcium Hardness:
The ideal level of dissolved calcium in the water is in between 250 and 500.

Total Alkalinity:
It is the measurement of alkaline material in the water which ideal level should be in between 80 and 120 PPM.

Cyanuric Acid (Stabilizer):
It is used to stabilize the chlorine in the water by preventing it from being absorbed too fast by the sun. Its ideal level is in between 30 and 60.

The other important thing is to maintain your swimming pool is to keep the filter clean which is used to clean the debris along with the other waste materials from the water. Debris will build-up and restrict the flow of water results in weakening the circulation of the water. You should check it at the fixed interval and when the pressure will rise in the filter due to the build-up of Debris, it's time to clean the filter. You should also take care of swimming pools skimmers especially its cleaning. Skimmers should be prevented from being sucked into the filter. The removable basket should also be cleaned once or twice in a week; it also depends on the amount of debris present in the skimmers.

DIY Pool Maintenance To Keep Clean

Early in the morning you sit next to your pool and relaxing in the cool water while sipping your hot tea or coffee. Also, you spend your quiet time in your backyard after a stressful and busy day. You're longing for the holidays to spend more time to enjoy staying in the water as a personal vacation retreat. But, without proper cleaning, your pool will look dull and unconditioned.

Pool Maintenance

Below are just a few DIY pool maintenance to keep it clean:

Do Skimming and Scrubbing Daily

Do a daily routine to remove the leaves and other debris that floats on the pool water surface. Also, scrub the sides of the pool to get rid of the green algae growth. This will keep it fresh and clean.

Check and Balance Pool Chemical Levels

It's important to keep the chemical levels balance to avoid the water looks dark and gloomy, skin irritation and build up of bacteria. Try baking soda which has sodium bicarbonate to maintain PH balance. The amount of baking soda to be used is the same as the other solutions you used before. It's affordable and available in the nearby stores. Test the water using testing kits from the pool store. Adjust the chemical levels if necessary to achieve an ideal balance.

Clean the Pool Filter Twice a Month

It screened the water that flows into the pool. The filter basket should be cleaned twice a month to remove any debris that was trapped in order to best function.

Remove Oil in the Water

Use a tennis ball to remove oil on the pool water. This oil, from the lotion we apply into our body, the natural oil secreted by the skin and others, are left behind after the swimmer get out from the pool. The fiber of the tennis ball absorbed the oil from the water.
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